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Mira Loma Counseling Department Mission Statement 

The Mira Loma High School Counseling Department strives to support all students in their academic, personal, college and career goals. We assist students in exploring a variety of pathways that meet their unique, personal interests and goals for high school and beyond.

What a Mira Loma High School Counselor does:

  • Social/Emotional Support
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Academic/4-year Planning
  • College & Career Planning
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Academic Support
  • Naviance Grade Level Lessons
  • Academic Testing (PSAT/ACT/SAT) 

Mira Loma Counseling Website Link:
Click Here for Mira Loma Counseling Website


Counseling Office Phone: 

Lisa Flores
Lead Counseling Office Secretary

Stephanie Robertson
Counseling Office Secretary

Michelle Parker
Counselor for last names A-Ch
Make an Appointment at:
Ms. Parker's - Calendly

Monique Young
Counselor for last names Ci-G
Make an Appointment at:
Ms. Young- Calendly

Jeannine Hall
Counselor for last names H-Mi
Make an Appointment at:
Ms. Hall's - Calendly

Greg Hernandez
Counselor for last names Mj-Saf
Make an Appointment at:
Mr. Hernandez's - Calendly

Janis Walters
Counselor for last names Sag-Z
Make an Appointment at:
Ms. Walters' - Calendly

Emily Greene
Intervention Counselor

Lisa Lentz
College & Career Technician- Drop by the College & Career Center next to the counseling office