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Career Technical Education (CTE)

What is CTE?

The Career Technical Education (CTE) program provides tuition-free, hands-on, unpaid training designed to furnish students with entry-level marketable skills. CTE courses are taught through a series of lecture, group activities, project-based learning and job-related internship experiences. Courses are taught by instructors who have extensive career experience. Students will learn resume writing, application completion, communication, interview skills, and job search techniques. Career and technical standards infused with academic standards and workplace learning prepare students for success in the workplace as well as post-secondary education. 

CTE Programs Offered at Mira Loma

Medical Assisting Pathway

  • 10th Grade: Introduction to Medical Careers 

  • 11th Grade: Medical Careers
  • 12th Grade: Medical Assistant – Administrative/Clinical (off campus)

Cyber Security Pathway

  • 10th Grade: Exploring Computer Science 
  • 11th Grade: AP Computer Science Principles 
  • 12th Grade: Cybersecurity

Aviation Pathway: NEW COMING IN 2023-2024

  • 11th Grade: Introduction to Aviation
  • 12th Grade: Aviation Mechanic OR Aviation Piloting

Space is limited. Contact your counselor for more information on these programs.