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Dual Enrollment: Take College Classes in High School

Los Rios Community College District (American River, Sac City, Folsom Lake & Cosumnes River), has implemented changes to the process for high school students to take college classes.

All students will be referred to as "Dual Enrollment" students. The term "Advanced Education" will no longer be used as a title for high school students in college classes.

Please read the community college "Dual Enrollment" website  below carefully for changes: 

  1. The Dual Enrollment form has changed. It is now called "Special Admit Form". It can be found below but also on the Dual Enrollment page for each Los Rios community college.
  2. Students upload their own documents after obtaining counselor's signature.

Dual Enrollment Process: Summer 2023 & Fall 2023 

"Dual Enrollment is a program that allows current high school ... students to take classes at American River College... Applications must be submitted to each individual college" (

Courses may be taken outside of the school day during the school year in the Fall or Spring semester. Students may choose online courses or attend courses on campus. SJUSD has partnered with American River College (ARC) to offer Dual Enrollment courses. Students have the unique opportunity to take a college course and receive college units while also fulfilling high school graduation requirements. Students may take a Dual Enrollment class from the list provided by Mira Loma OR they may take a course out of the college catalogue. There are hundreds of  classes to choose from. See the individual community college "Programs and Majors" & "Schedule of Classes" for available classes. Students should take their college course very seriously. They are starting their college transcript.  Students will receive High School & College credit for the classes they take. 

Signing up for a Dual Enrollment Class- There are 2 types of Dual Enrollment:

1. You can take a Dual Enrollment Class that is offered in partnership with San Juan Unified & American River College: There is a prescribed list of classes for the FALL 2023- Forms due by March 24, 2023 (There is a separate list of classes for FALL & SPRING). These courses are online courses that are offered "asynchronous" meaning that you can do the course work at any time. These courses are taught by Community College Teachers who are teaching high school students only in the section.

2. If you DO NOT see a class on the list above you like, you can Dual Enroll with any of the Los Rios Colleges (ARC, Sac City, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake), through the program formally known as "Advanced Education".

To Find a community college class to take:

  • First go to one of the community college websites
  • Go to the "Academics" tab at the top of the webpage
  • Explore all the options in the "Programs & Majors"
  • Once you have chosen some classes you would like to take, you will need to search the class schedule to see if the class will be offered in the session you want to take it.
  • Go to "Search Class Schedules" to look for classes. 

NOTE: If you want College transfer credit, you must look at the course description for this information. Also make sure you meet the "prerequisites" for the course. This is all noted on the course descriptions.

Now Follow this Process:  Click on this video for more help:  How to Register for a Dual Enrollment Class

  • Go to the Dual Enrollment Website on the Community College website for the school you want to attend  (Links are listed below here)
  • Read steps and directions very carefully and watch the video tutorials on the community college website.
  • Follow the directions on the website.
  • When you get to the step, "Meet with a High School or Adult School Official", come in at lunch to talk to your counselor.
  • Counselors will sign your "Special Admit Form for Dual Enrollment" (see below for link to form)- you can email the form OR bring it in to our office before school, at lunch or after school. 
  • We will sign and send it back to you or have you come pick it up. 
  • You will upload all information to the community college website

Forms & Requirements: Students must fill out and return to Los Rios Dual Enrollment Page


  • Start Early!
  • For Summer & Fall Classes, start in February looking at the website and stop in to talk to your counselor at lunch.
  • For Spring Classes, start in September looking at the website and stop in to to talk to your counselor at lunch.
  • Look at the "Academics" tab on the college website for a full list of courses (not all classes are offered every semester).
  • Look at "Search Class Schedule" for classes that are offered during the semester.