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Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Support on the Mira Loma Campus

Wellness Together therapists work on the Mira Loma Campus Tuesday-Friday. They are currently meeting with 23 Mira Loma students once each week to support them. 

We are excited to have: Ciera Dickson & Lamira Herrera-Watson on campus as our Mental Health Specialists from Wellness Together for 2022-2023. Mira Loma counselors asses students and make referrals to Wellness Together.

Counselors are available each day for all Mira Loma students for mental health support. Students can make an appointment OR they can come to counseling at break, lunch or after school to drop in. If students are having a bad day and need immediate help, they can come down to the counseling office without an appointment. They ask their teacher. Teachers know students can come during class with a note. 

Mira Loma counselors are proud of our first ever Calming Room. Students can take a moment to sit in a quiet, calm place and breathe, draw, listen to music, visit the Virtual San Juan Wellness Room, Grit X, close their eyes and listen to the sounds of a babbling brook. If students want to take advantage of our Calming Room, they come to the counseling office and speak to their counselor, Ms. Flores or Ms. Robertson. 

Virtual Resources for Students

San Juan Unified Virtual Wellness Room

Visit the San Juan Virutal Wellness Room for a Mental Health break.


Grit X is a free site made specifically for teens. It was created by a group at University of California, San Francisco to be interactive. 


The Trevor Project

Trained Crisis counselors are available