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Physical Education (PE) Options

San Juan Unified School District requires 2 years of Physical Education to graduate. Both years can be taken at Mira Loma High School during the school day. 

If a Mira Loma student has a full schedule because of a special program or subject and cannot fit 2 years of PE into their schedule, San Juan Unified School District & Mira Loma High School offer several options to complete the 2 years of Physical Education (PE) for high school graduation. 

Some programs MAY cause students to have an "impacted" schedule (a schedule that is full and cannot fit all graduation requirements). Counselors sit with students each year to help them plan which summer classes they qualify for and may need. Not all students in programs need summer school. 

Programs that MAY qualify:

  • International Studies (IS)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Career Technical Education (CTE)
  • 4 Years of Visual/Performing Art
  • Student Government

Qualifying for Alternative PE & PE 2/MYP 5* Options

1. All 9th graders must take MYP PE 4 during 9th grade.

2. Once a 9th grader completes MYP PE 4** AND passes 5 of the 6 Fitness Grams, they are qualified for alternative forms of PE. The Fitness Grams are a series of 6 tests given in the Spring of 9th grade by the MYP PE 4 teacher. Contact PE teachers for more information about the Fitness Grams. For more information on the Fitness Grams from the California Department of Education go to this link

3. Options to Complete PE 2:

  • Mira Loma PE- Take PE 2 OR MYP PE 5 during the school year. NEW for 2022-2023- 0 period PE  (Students can take 7 classes- Class of 2025 has 1st priority)
    • IB MYP students may take MYP PE 5 as their 6th MYP subject to earn their MYP Certificate in 10th grade.
  • Independent Study PE (ISPE) through El Sereno High School- Students who participate in sports at Mira Loma OR outside of Mira Loma may use their sport for Independent Study PE such as any Mira Loma sport, competitive soccer, ice skating, swimming, taekwondo, and other sports. Students MUST pick up an ISPE packet from the counseling office in the semester BEFORE they want to participate (pick up in October for Spring semester & March for Fall semester)
  • Summer School PE (counselor signs students up upon request)- San Juan Unified offers IN PERSON P.E. for 2 sessions (this equals 2 semesters) in June & July; San Juan Unified offers INDEPENDENT STUDY P.E. for 1 semester ONLY in June OR July. Students can do a combination of IN PERSON & INDEPENDENT STUDY.
  • Options for Youth (counselor signs students up upon request)- Options for Youth is a local charter school that offers INDEPENDENT STUDY P.E. for 1 semester ONLY starting in July. Students can do a combination of San Juan PE and Options for Youth PE but can only attend 1 school at a time.

*MYP PE 5 is equal to PE 2 for graduation requirements- MYP 10th graders take MYP PE 5 OR MYP Visural/Performing Arts during the school year for their MYP Certificate but may take PE 2 instead of MYP PE 5 during the summer.

**MYP PE 4 is equal to PE 1 at other high schools. Because Mira Loma is an IB MYP school, we off MYP PE 4 to all 9th graders.