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Mira Loma Online Store

Welcome to Mira Loma's Online Payment System: My School Bucks

Payments are now being accepted online for class donations, products, fines, or fees. As of 5/27/23, you no longer have to go to the finance office for payments.

To use the My School Bucks online payment system, you will have to log onto the website and use an existing account or create a new account. This is the same payment system that the Cafeteria uses.

To find our school store when using the "My School Bucks" system,

  1. Click on the tab that is on the top of the "My School Bucks" Website that says "School Store"
  2. When a new screen appears, click on the option "Store Home". 
  3. Then click on the option "Browse all items".  This should take you to Mira Loma's School Store.
  4. Bookmark this page for future use!

Go to

Pro-tip: When you go online, please choose carefully what you are paying for. Make sure that you pay the item/fee/fine associated with the appropriate department, club, or activity.  

examples: Library book= Fine- Library

  • Text book= Fine. District Textbook 

  • Classroom book (novel)fine = whichever department the book was from (ex. English, Social Studies, etc.) 

  • Speech and Debate Tournament payments: which type of tournament 

  • Art supplies=  Fines/Donation (Art Teacher name) 

  • Mr. Martinez books and supplies= Fine (Science Teacher name) 

  • Athletic teams will have to pay in person for their lost items.  

If you don't see what you need to pay for, please email the business office.

If you have lost a book or an item belonging to Mira Loma High School and you need to pay for it, you can now pay online. If you have received a letter or an email stating what the amount of the fine was, you can pay for this using the online service. If you are not sure of the amount please contact Allison Addiego for Textbooks or Danielle Musick Ly for Library books to get the exact amount.

If it is another item that you need to pay for such as a classroom book or calculator and you don't know the amount then please contact the Controller Saundra Esparza-Hubbell to find out the amount owed.

Payments can also be made in person at Mira Loma. If coming to MLHS between May and August cash only, please.